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Light Atmosphere in Hospital Wards – PhD defence

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The department of Civil Engineering at Aalborg University extends an invitation to Lone Mandrup Stidsen defence of her PhD study Light Atmosphere in Hospital Wards.

Time: Tuesday 2 April 2013 at 15:00
Place: Auditorium 1.008 at ACM 15
AAU – Cph. A.C.Meyers Vænge 15, DK‐2450 KBH SV

With a point of departure in the current expansion of Danish hospital projects, the Ph.D. thesis introduces to a user-centered design approach to achieve an optimal light atmosphere in hospital wards. With a design practical knowledge and theoretical insight, the Ph.D. thesis handles important aspects of the experience of light atmosphere. The ‘Model of Light Atmosphere’ is introduced in order to understand the phenomenon ‘Light Atmosphere’, and four primary aspects of light atmosphere is defined as ‘User’, ‘Space’, ‘Time’ and Light’.

Hereafter, explorative studies elaborate on the interaction between the aspects in order to specify essential aspects of designing optimal light atmospheres in a Danish context. First, a study explores the different user group needs for light at the ward and defines main user zones at the ward. Second, a study looks into preferences for light in homely atmospheres and displays how lighting techniques from one type of settings can be used as inspiration for other settings. Third, a study of lighting trends in Danish homes underlines a need for rethinking lighting traditions in order to create lighting design in a Danish cultural context, and it points at how conflicts in lighting traditions at hospital wards can be prevented with an experience of homely and pleasant light atmosphere, as Danish Regulation for light in hospital prescribes.

To test the theoretical and explorative design approach, an experimental design is conducted at Odense University Hospital, Department of Orthopedic Surgery. Here, a comparative study evaluates the patient’s experience of the designed light atmosphere, specially focusing on the sociocultural aspect and a traditional ward illumination.

The Ph.D is co-financed by Dansih Agency for Science, Texhnology and Innovation, Philips Lighting DK and Aalbrog University. The project was supportively guided by Professor Poul Henning Kirkegaard.

The assessment committee includes:
Associate Professor Helle Wijk, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg
Professor Evert van Loenen, Philips Research, Human Interaction at Experiences Department
Associate Professor Michael Mullins (chairman), Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University.

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